JF M-2000 Swager

The JF M-2000 is a manual swager that is totally portable and operates without the need for air or electric power. The total weight is about 60 pounds and can be carried to remote locations. This unit can produce 75 tube swage attachments in one production shift (8 hours).

DIE CAPACITY: 1/4" to 1/2" tube
TYPE: Manual / Portable
FEATURES: Tight radius applications

JF 4000 Swager

The JF 4000 fully automatic swage machine features automatic clamping and un-clamping of the dies during each swage cycle. This feature is ideal in a high production shop and is capable of 200 or more swages per production shift (8 hours)

1/4" to 3/4" tube
TYPE: Automatic / Cabinet
FEATURES: Electric hydraulic pump

JF ME-6000-HP Swager

The JF ME-6000-HP features a high strength locking die assembly which allows for swaging of the toughest tube material as well as thicker wall tubing. It has a larger cylinder and die capacity to accommodate tubes and fittings up to 1.5 inch tube size.

3/4"  to  1-1/2" tube
TYPE: Manual / Cabinet
FEATURES: Electric hydraulic pump