Founded in 1998, TFE’s focus is on building new swage machines in support of the aircraft  industry. We began researching and designing our first swage machine at that time. In designing our first swage machine we evaluated the existing swage machines in several categories — ergonomics, safety, noise level, floor space electric power, convenience of operating controls, tooling fit and performance, machine service ability, swage pressure, accuracy and machine ability to retrieve history files.

After analyzing the market, we recognized the need for a portable, light weight, compact swage machine. This machine needed to have tooling and flaring capability, and have a range from 1/4” through 5/8” tube size swaging ability for sleeves and unions. In 2007, we produced the JF2000 to meet those needs. This swager is shown on the Swager Models section of this website with some of our other models.

In 2011, we expanded our business to include the manufacture of swage machines and tooling. We provide draw bolts, expanders, split rings, bushings, adapters and two-part forming dies. We also offer updating and rebuilding of older swage machines

In 2016, we added tube end-finishing machines to our product line. We also provide tooling and operator training for this equipment.

We offer consulting services for the aerospace, marine, medical, automotive and construction equipment industries, We also offer consultation on the elastomeric swage process and training on correct swage technique.